Bounce Bags

rabbitkick bounce bag

Backpacks with Necessities

Bounce Bags are backpacks that are filled with necessary items for people who are experiencing homelessness or other major life changes such as reintegrating with society after time in shelters, rehabilitation facilities, or incarceration.

Bounce Bags are distributed directly to individuals in need and include the items below. Donations of items including backpacks are always welcomed.

  • supplies for life, such as protein bars, toothbrushes, socks, baby wipes [showers are tough to find on the street], and stamped envelopes
  • referrals to local assistance programs
  • a personal note of encouragement.

Total Bags Distributed to Date: 30

Complete Bags in Inventory: 1

Bounce Bag Inventory

Baby wipes [etc.]0
Bar Soap0
Empty Bags9
First aid kits0
Food bars [protein/granola]0
Notes of encouragement0
Resource Zine0
Socks [pairs]0
Stamped Envelopes0
Body wash0
Crackers & Snacks2
Flashlight w/ Batteries0
Fruit Snacks0
Gloves [pairs]0
Hand Sanitizers3
Hand warmers0
Hats & caps0
Peanut butter2
Phone chargers0
Playing Cards0
Pouches [empty]0
Q-tips [packed]0
Rain ponchos0
Tissues [packed]2
Towels [Cloth]0
Water Bottles0

Contact Map

The contact map is a record of contact between RabbitKick and people in need on the street. 

This data is being collected in order to facilitate providing services and care to the people contacted, and to assist in projects such as the county’s Point-in-Time count. Knowing where people experiencing homelessness tend to be can assist community helpers in providing services and identifies areas in need.

Data collected is limited to basic information that protects the privacy of those contacted. Types of contact include:

– Distribution: visual and verbal contact was made, and supplies or food was given to the person contacted.

– Sighting: a person in need was spotted visually by a RabbitKick helper or associate, but was not contacted verbally.

Current Status:

As RK moves to a new location, we have passed the Adams County CO Contact Map on to activists in that area to continue the work. A new Contact Map for our new location will be available soon. Stay tuned!