Settling in St. Louis

We are settling in our new home of St.Louis, Missouri. This area is complex and diverse, with a lot of exciting opportunities for growth. We are slowly learning the lay of the land and the nature of its population. There are many people in need, but also many services available here. One thing we have noticed so far is that because the cost of living is much lower here than in Denver, poverty and homelessness are not as easily seen. But they are there. We have begun distributing Bounce Bags and will continue to observe and learn so we can adjust our strategy in this new environment.

Time to Bounce

We’re bouncing to a new home! We at RabbitKick are excited to be moving our efforts to a new location and hope to make an ever bigger impact. Stay tuned for more news on our transition soon!

The Contact Map for Adams County will be passed on to the County’s Homelessness Outreach Coordinator and will be shared with local activists such as shelter directors and other non-profits so that they can continue to collect valuable data to help Adams County residents.

More soon!

Contact Map Now Available

When it first began, the Bounce Bag project’s goal was to distribute life supplies to people experiencing homelessness. Now, we have begun to capture valuable information about these distribution contacts.

Location data of distributions and sightings of people in need is being recorded in map format so that we might share this information with others who help. For example, this data will aid Adams County’s efforts to count people in need so that more services can be advocated for. Only non-identifying information is collected.

The map can be viewed on the Bounce Bag project page.